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We can let circumstances rule us, or we can take charge and rule our lives from within.

Earl Nightingale

We can let circumstances rule us, or we can take charge and rule our lives from within.

Earl Nightingale

We can let circumstances rule us, or we can take charge and rule our lives from within.

Earl Nightingale

Our Products

Lakhi Hightech team has developed many Applications for betterment of your company. Some Applications which have turned up as customized products are as follows:

Lakhi Hightech School ERP - Offline/Online/Hybrid

Lakhi Hightech School ERP software which provides to maintain the records of Student Registration, Fee structure, Transport, Examination (Fail-Pass Criteria, Marks entry etc.), Library records, Employee Status, Time-table and HR include Recruitment facility too. The software is fully organized and dynamic. You can customize any module as per your need and that's why it's a tailor-made product available at a product cost. A gadget, e.g. Dialer, IVR, Finger Sensor etc. can be attached to it.

Techno-solutions to [Create, Relate & Manage] (Q-CRM) - Offline/Online/Hybrid

People say it Customer Relationship Management. But, here at Quadrant, we say it Create your customers, Relate them with you and Manage them properly to reap benefit of the Q-CRM. The CRM is the best in its segment and is having roughly all the features - a quality CRM should possess.

Aagain, as we are open to customization, it can be customized to any extent. Any gadget, e.g. Dialer, IVR, Voice Logger, Finger Sensor etc. can be attached to it.

Lakhi Hightech Dairy ERP - Offline/Online/Hybrid

Dairy Management System is an application - a full-fledged Dairy looks for. Application starts from Milk Collection, weight measurement, taking care of FAT/SNF bifurcation, taking care of complete accounts including Agent Payout. Complete Retailing Module is there to handle all Retailing Activities. Production module takes care of SNF and FAT used in manufacturing product or wastage so that you can come to know exactly what you earned during a period.

Quadrant Builder ERP

When we talk about Builder Management System, we have the application in two phases:

I. Construction Related Jobs - Managing Sites, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Inventory (Sand, Cement etc.), Assets (Trucks, ACs, Computers etc.) Maintenance, HR, Communication, Inter-Departmental Processes, Projects, Complete Accounts and at least 100 utility reports.

II. Booking And Allotment Jobs - This part of software is dedicated to developers who are into selling flats, plots, malls etc. This application takes care of Defining Property, Installments, Payment Plans, Adding A Buyer, Receiving Installments, Auto Due Amount with Interest Letter printing, Complete Broker Management and nuerous utility reports are there.

Lakhi Hightech DSA Management System

DSA Management System is a desktop application for the Car Finance Associates whether financing used or new car. Software provides getting/putting their operations starting from the customer’s first visit till the loan release in which first time entry to final delivery of car. Records are added like First time entry, follow up normal, Checklist, Delivery order, List of checks, Dealer Account, Disbursement Register, Sub-Dsa Register, Insurance Account, Incentives etc. Various Masters like Finance Master, Dealer Master, Car Master, Source Master, Status Master, Sales Ex. Master, Team Leader Master, Color Master, and Constitution Master are also included. Various Reports and Menu wise Security are the best features implemented in this product.

Lakhi Hightech Real Soft

Complete Real Estate Solutions For Real Estate Agents. Each and every need is available in this product. Property entry for Owner, Broker, Advertisement, survey etc. Buyer and Tenants needs are also implemented. Any requirement for your need available on Query Section where your all needs result will be reflected. Source is also there for lesser and seller filters. Search option also on that place for easy handle. Other Modules are: Review Property. EMI Calculator, Area Conversion, Address Book, Diary Maintenance. Maps Section, Transfer Data, Editor and Legal Forms, Alert Reminder. Future Available Property. Various Reports. Security feature on Each Menu gives the software a better Security Policy.

Lakhi Hightech Student Management System ver 2.1 Offline/Online/Hybrid

SMS 2.1 will help educational institutes to manage students in a better and computerized way. You can define Batches/Subjects/Teachers in this application. Enrolling students, collecting fees from them, getting due payment date and list is also available in this software.

Lakhi Hightech Utility (Chat, Attendance and Scheduler) Offline/Online

This application is usually used within a LAN. When you have executives working on systems, you can have this application. You can chat among ourselves, keep Chat History for the record, set schedule for an executive, write a diary note, calculate time spent by an executive on the system and calculate working hour, Check what are they doing by checking their screen.

TRANS Develop to provide the every Solution of Transport, Logistics, Cargo, Express Cargo, Fleet Service Providers.
Trans include all type of Transaction and Reports required by Road, Rail, Air, Sea Transport Service Providers. In one word we can say The Convention of Transport Professionals.

Our Transport software, TRANS, is developed for giving the technology edge to The Transport & Logistic industry. Trans Provide you both ON-Line and Off Line to On Line Solution to connect Data From Branches to HO and HO to Branches reduce your work Load and make actualities to your Transactions.

With more 150 Transaction Modules and 350 customizable reports, allow you to manage your Transport/Logistic/Fleet business in a better way. We have helped more than 150 Transport and Logistic Companies in Indian domestic market.

Woods Import , Manufacturing, Trading, Inventory & Accounting Software for all type of Timber Company.

TEACC - Tea Garden Payroll Management System
TEACC provide you to manage your Tea Garden Payroll System as well as calculate your green leaf Production Section Wise/ Area Wise/ Group Wise etc.